Reggie Miller Says No Hope for Lakers Making Playoffs

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It has only been a week in to the NBA and Reggie Miller has ruled out the Lakers from making the playoffs. That was quick. The Lakers have look horrible so I don't blame Miller. Lakers look like the worst of the two teams on the floor most nights. 

Kobe Bryant struggling to score is also hurting the Lakers. He may be a great overall player but not in the present. He should have retired but didn't. Now he is pushing his body hard but it won't keep up. The Lakers don't have a player that can carry the team. Jordan Clarkson is a great player but he needs help if the Lakers want to make the playoffs.

Even the 7th and 8th seed in the Western Conference will need about 48 wins and the Lakers aren't anywhere close to winning that much game. They just got their first win against another winless team, the Brooklyn Nets. This is a wasted season for the Lakers and their fans. Kobe should have fun if he knows how to this season. Reggie Miller is right and most people would agree that the Lakers will miss the playoffs.