Kobe Bryant will Retire After this Season

Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We all knew this day was going to come but now we know for sure. Kobe Bryant has said that he is going to retire after this season. This season may not go as Bryant likes but it won't tarnish his amazing career. 

In a poem written by Bryant titled Dear Basketball, he talks about his love of basketball and says "this season is all I have left to give." Bryant is calling it quits after 20 seasons even if his last season is anything but memorable. 

People have been very critical of Bryant taking too many shots and playing too many minutes but some people argue that he has earned it. He did bring the Los Angeles Lakers five titles after all. I don't know if that evens it out but I do think he should play to win by relying on his teammates. He can't will himself to carry the team at age 37. 

We are going to lose a great player. This is like when Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter said they were going to retire. All three players have had a huge impact on their sport. Players like them don't come often so we should make the most of Bryant's last season.