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Rudy Gay has plans to leave Sacramento and has made himself abundantly clear about that. It looks like the Sacramento Kings still don't understand what just happened. They will still try to change Gay's mind and try to get him to stay with the Kings.

According to Yahoo's "The Vertical," Kings owner Vivek Ranadive believes he can convince Rudy Gay to stay in Sacramento. While I applaud Ranadive for being delusional..... I mean determined to keep Gay with the Kings, it won't happen. The Kings have not done a single thing for Gay that would make him stay. 

Sacramento has gone through four coaches in Gay's last three season's with the team. Besides not being able to keep a coach around, the Kings can't seem to avoid drama. The team has internal conflicts, can't get along with each other and trade rumors seem to always surround the team. Any player would get tired of that and it seems like Gay has reached that point. 

I can go on as to point out why Gay will leave like the Kings not making the playoffs year after year but I'll leave it at that. Instead, I think Gay's actions have already decided the outcome of what's to happen. Gay's contract doesn't expire until after this season but before the season even starts, Gay let's the Kings know he won't be returning. That is very early and let's everyone know how Gay feels about the team. He didn't even wait until the season to see how the team would do. That most likely means that he has a problem with the management and doesn't want to stick around. I can't remember a player announcing that he is leaving a whole year before because its not common.

Most players determine if they will leave based on how their last season will go. However, Gay's actions prove that he isn't happy in Sacramento and is already mentally preparing to leave. Ranadive can try all he wants but Gay is halfway out the door already and I don't think he is even going to give it a second thought of coming back to Sacramento.

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In surprising news, the Houston Rockets traded backup forward Michael Beasley to the Milwaukee Bucks in return for guard Tyler Ennis. Both teams were able to acquire players they desperately needed but the winners of the trade are obviously the Bucks.

The Bucks were a bit desperate to make the trade because they recently found out that they would be without forward Khris Middleton for the next six months. Last year, Middleton averaged a career-high 18.2 points. Milwaukee will miss his production but they got a great scorer in Beasley for a cheap price. Beasley averaged 12.8 points in a little over 18 minutes in 20 games last year. His jump-shot looked impressive and his performance against the Golden State Warriors was fun to watch. He has grown as a player and should fit in Milwaukee just fine.

I think the Rockets messed up by trading Beasley away. Not only did they trade away a great bench player, they got back a player that won't have too much of an impact. Ennis will have backup guard duty but he's most likely not going to handle the ball often because James Harden is the one that almost always has the ball in his hands. I think the Rockets could have found a decent point guard in free agency of the D-League. The pressure of winning now may have forced them to sign a player with NBA experience instead of a D-League player.

Luck is on the Bucks side because just a day after they lost Middleton to left hamstring injury during a preseason workout, they were able to trade for Beasley for almost nothing. The Bucks are lucky that the Rockets are under a lot of pressure to win now that they made the trade for Beasley. Ennis is a decent player but compared to how well Beasley played for the Rockets last season, he won't equate to that. 

This trade may come back to haunt the Rockets in the near future because if Beasley shines in Milwaukee, everyone will be saying how the Bucks got him for almost nothing. Until then, we will hold out on making fun of the Rockets.

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With so much news relating to the NBA taking place the past few days, it has been hard to keep track of the important news. A signing that caught my attention was by the Los Angeles Lakers. They re-signed Metta World Peace and look to capture the magic that he brought to the team a few years ago.

Many people will write this off as not having an impact on the team because the Lakers signed Peace to their training camp roster, not the 15 man roster. Yes, for the most part, it looks like Peace won't make the team but still, it should get a little more coverage considering the last time Peace was with the Lakers, he looked good. With Kobe Bryant gone and the Lakers focusing on their younger players, Peace won't get an opportunity to play with the team most likely but there is a slim chance he might.

That slim chance he might make the team is why we watch basketball. Players rise up out of nowhere and take the NBA by surprise and become the talk of the town. Jeremy Lin is a great example of making something out of the little opportunities he got to play. If Peace plays well in training camp and shows that he still can bring something to the team, I don't see why he wouldn't make the team.

If Peace doesn't make the team, he still has an opportunity to be called up in the middle of the season. That is a great safe option by the Lakers and gives them a safety net. Peace on the other hand will have a slim chance of getting to play with the Lakers and showing why they should let him make the 15 man roster permanently. 

The Lakers deserve a round of applause for giving Peace a chance because they aren't obligated to do that. They could have ignored Peace and focus on younger players but they showed respect to Peace by giving him a chance. 

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